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October 08, 2012

Reader Poll: Are you willing to lift a finger to help fund a free full-text RSS feed?

A lot of people prefer full-text RSS feeds. They are more convenient and flexible to read, especially now-a-days with the Flipboards and Pulses and Instapapers and iPads and tablets and uber-screen smartphones.

Unfortunately, full-text RSS feeds open up a website's content to all kinds of abuse. From republication in hundreds of spammy/sploggy websites, to unethical webmasters, bloggers and forum admins cut-and-pasting everything of interest we post without giving proper credit back to the source. These are some of the reasons why some websites don't offer full text RSS feeds.

It is even worse in our case: because of the format of this blog, we are essentially "free labor"/"free research" for a lot of lazy/unethical bloggers/webmasters. Some are so bad, they even copy our quirky jokes line by line, it's like a personality hijacking.

However, since our readers prefer full-text RSS feeds, we will make another attempt to bring them back for the main blog :)

But we need you help in order to do so! Are you willing to help fund the full-text RSS feeds by making some/more of your purchases through our affiliate links to Amazon and other retailers? This can help offset the negative impact of a free full-text RSS feed.

Please answer in the poll honestly. Don't vote "Yes" unless you intend to help :) For more feedback, please feel free to use the online contact form or leave a comment below.

The other shoe that needs to drop for full-text RSS feeds is that we are making adjustments to the way we post. The website updates immediately when you add/change/edit something, but RSS feeds may take more time. There are multiple variables to this (source RSS feed, Feedburner, RSS reader software/services, people reading offline, etc). Due to the chaotic nature of so many things happening in the world of digital cameras starting in 2009, we got into the rather bad habit of "live writing" a lot of the blog-posts. This is not a good thing with full-text RSS feeds, since people may get the earlier/incomplete versions of the posts and not get the latest updates until hours later.

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