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October 14, 2012

Opinion Soup: historical, mirrorless, DSLR Death, Leica behavior, DIY, etc

Fire up the coffee machine, fill up the kettle, a new mega-super-jumbo edition of the Opinion Soup is here. This is the first opinion round-up after the Photokina 2012 trade show. We had to stop at around September 22, because this post got out of control in terms of size and readability. Items of interest that were published between September 9-22 will be carried forward to the next edition... You can catch up with all previous episodes in the Opinion round-ups archives.

+ Politicians, Pork and Photographers at Lens Rentals blog
+ Rant by Jon Falk at Visual Science Lab (title: "The View From My Rocking Chair While Sittin' Right Here Along Side Photography's Gravesite")
+ the rather sad story of the father of American Photography at Imaging Resource
+ why Polaroid was the Apple of its time at Wired Design (via APE)

Camera Gear - Firestarter
+ firestarter: don't buy a DSLR at Popular Science
+ Don't buy a DSLR? Really? at Pixique
+ DSLR is dead, long live the DSLR at Suspect Photography (via TPBG)

Camera Gear - General
+ how to buy used lenses at The Mansurovs Photography Life
+ please stop calling every compact camera a "Point-and-Shoot" at Pop Photo
+ why camera selection has become meaningless at Visual Science Lab
+ did mirrorless miss? at Sans Mirror
+ how mirrorless can trump DSLRs by Mark Alberhasky at F/Stoppers
+ cameras get smart to stay competitive at dpreview Connect
+ digital camera types, 2012 edition, at Neocamera
+ on the MTF numbers not matching at Lens Rentals
+ three biggest trends in the next two years at Digital Camera Info

Camera Gear - Manufacturer specific
+ Zuiko dilemma at Online Darkroom
+ Leica Consumer Behavior 101 by Louis Stevenson at Steve Huff Post
+ Leica S arrogance at Sound Image Plus in Part One and Part Two
+ Sigma DP2 Merrill as a game-changer in photographer's arsenal at Sound Image Plus and the also
+ on the Nikon V1 previous price drop at Sans Mirror
+ on the Sony NEX-7 for black and white photography at Visual Science Lab
+ will Fuji get the message this time? at Sans Mirror

Software, Post-Processing, Computing
+ RAW is not Raw by CTein at TOP
+ Fuji RAW at Sans Mirror
+ proprietary camera RAW formats and processing at Photography Banzai (video)
+ iPad (2012 model; 3rd generation) workflow at dpreview Connect
+ faking it before Photoshop at Photoshop blog
+ studio management software overview at PDN Online
+ how Google will destroy Adobe with their acquisition of Nik Software by Rob Nunn Photo
+ why ISO isn't ISO by Ctein at TOP

Tips, DIY, Tutorials, .edu
+ lightning equipment - a primer at Ming Thein
+ hacking flickr at Thomas Hawk
+ make a DIY sparkling reflector at PhotoDoto
+ ten things photographers can learn from Magnum contact sheets at Erik Kim Photogrpahy
+ visual explanation of ISO/Aperture/Shutter-speed at Exposure Guide (via PetaPixel)
+ how to measure RTS pixels at Harvest Imaging (via ISW blog)
+ build an anti-flare shield at Digital Camera World (via DIYP)
+ how to hold your P&S digital camera at Canon Blogger
+ rolling shutter at DIY Photography

Creativity, Inspirational, Etc
+ cultivating an online community at Chase Jarvis
+ the perks of collaboration at PDN Online
+ what makes an outstanding image by Ming Thein: Part One and Part Two
+ deconstructing light by Ming Thein part #2 and part #3 and part #4
+ what they didn't teach me at Photo School at B&H Insights

Professional and Business
+ the most important facts you need to know about photo buyers at Photopreneur
+ turning pro, six months in at Ming Thein
+ do you have to push the button (on ownership of photographs and such) at TOP

Etc, Etc, Etc
+ format madness at Imaging Resource
+ the #1 problem with film at TOP
+ are digital photographers still deep down insecure? at TOP
+ the democratization of photography and the state of affairs in Malaysia at Ming Thein
+ on deciding to use Instagram at Pop Photo
+ on YouTube product reviews at Thews reviews

Words of Jaded Wisdom
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