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October 07, 2012

News round-up: new Sony H100, new Adobe DNG spec, new Eye-fi flagship, iPhone 5 flare, dpreview NextGen, AT&T Galaxy camera, etc

We had a mini burst of newsy posts, so this is a good time to recap the happenings of the last few days:

+ new quietly announced camera: Sony Cybershot H100 superzoom (16mp 1/2.x" CCD, 21x stabilized, etc)
+ AT&T will offer an HSPA+ 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy Android superzoom camera
+ EyeFi announces new flagship 16GB Class 10 Pro X2 card
+ Adobe news: Adobe has new DNG specification that includes Lossy DNG RAW files. Adobe also released versions x.2 of Lightroom, Camera Raw, and DNG Converter.
+ dpreview goes live with Next Generation forums
+ iPhone 5 users discover lens flare and Deep Purple (not the band)
+ discount alert: Sigma DP1x down to $350 at Amazon by Amazon itself

Part II of the Catch-up-a-thon will happen tomorrow (Monday) covering the various reviews, previews, hands-on reports, samples, and fluffings.

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