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October 17, 2012

New GoPro Hero 3 action camera with 4K recording

A couple of years ago the camcorder sticks were all the rage. The continual improvement of the image quality and size of smartphones and the dropping prices and increasing zoom ratios of fixed lens cameras took the air out of the camcorder sticks, if not put them in a very small corner.

The last few months, a new sub-segment of the market has been rising, the action and point-of-view cameras. They seem to have an existential advantage over smartphones and digital cameras in that they are designed to record action from the point of view of the individual. One of the companies generating some interest in this field is Go Pro.

With that as a long preface, Go Pro has now announced the brand new GoPro Hero 3 which has the ability to record 4K video with a starting price of $400. Now that we have 1080p almost everywhere, 4K seems to be the next frontier.

Vincent Laforet is bringing his viral magic to the GoPro, he has published videos and impressions. Engadget has published a 3-minute hands-on video with the new GoPro at the company's launch event. Another preview is out at Pocket Lint [NEW!]

Details at Pocket Lint and Engadget and The Verge and Wide Open Camera and Wired et al.

The company has published a five-minute preview video at its YouTube channel, which you can also find embedded below:

The new GoPro Hero 3 with 4K video recording is available for pre-order for $400 at B&H Photo. GoPro has also announced a 1080p GoPro 3 which is available for pre-order for $300.

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