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October 02, 2012

Kickstarter 3D printing project raises $1.5 million in one week

Most of photography so far lives in the world of 2D. There have been attempts at 3D cameras, but mostly they have been for the boldly-going adventurous early-adopters. Part of the challenge with 3D is that 3D printing is a pretty exclusive club at the moment.

That may be changing in the near future, as a new Kickstarter project has managed to raise nearly $1.5 million in one week. Here is the project's Kickstarter page and a short video embedded below...

The above is designed with 3D CAD software in mind but once 3D printing takes off in a more general sense, it is probably only a matter of time before other input sources come into play.

3D has been one of those things that have yet to break out. Our beloved consumer electronics manufacturers and movie studios have been trying hard to get consumers to buy their 3D TVs and 3D movies, but they don't seem to be going anywhere in terms of mass adoption.

Could 3D printing be the breakthrough application? There is certainly a very DIY hands-on allure to having a 3D printer at your house/office/studio and be able to design and create/make three dimensional creations or purchase designs from other creatives and print them on demand at your convenience.

Via Tech Crunch, Techmeme.

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