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October 2012 (116 posts)

October 30: Interview with Samsung on Android cameras, NX, Lenses, etc at Imaging Resource
October 30: (ENDED) Canon Deals: T3i super-bundle, 50/1.8, 40/2.8 STM, 60D, 5DMk2, 5DMk3, and more
October 30: dpreview launches and explains new Lens Reviews format
October 30: Curiosity factor: Canon EOS-Mirrorless meets LensRentals
October 30: Curiosity factor: Olympus XZ-2 samples, hands-on, previews, ISO comparison
October 30: New Experimental feature: Permanent Mini Situation Room at top of page
October 30: New Sony PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 4K Super35 digital video cameras
October 29: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated [updated w/experimental feature]
October 29: Curiosity factor: two Benq G1 reviews (semi-serious compact starts at f1.8, 3-inch twist LCD, but no RAW)
October 29: Curiosity factor: Fuji XF1 samples from three different sources
October 29: Impact review: Pentax K5 II and IIs at PentaxForums
October 29: Google launches Photo Sphere with Android 4.2 (also: 2560x1600 tablet & $300 unlocked phone)
October 28: (DEAD) Foveon Deal: the Sigma DP1x for $300
October 28: Supreme Court case could Limit Ability to Sell Your Camera Gear and just about everything else with a copyright made outside the US
October 26: [EXPIRED] Possible Deals (limited time offers) [EXPIRED]
October 25: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated
October 25: Chipworks looks at CMOSIS Full Frame Sensor used by Leica
October 25: Samsung reveals prices for 45/1.8 and 12-24 NX lenses
October 25: Now shipping: Pentax K-5 II and IIs and Sony Alpha A99
October 25: Curiosity factor: Panasonic GH3 reviews at Photography Blog and ePhotozine
October 25: Canon financial results for Q3 2012 not as sexy as they used to be
October 24: (DEAD) Compact-with-RAW deal: Olympus XZ1 black still $200 [white XZ1 gone]
October 24: Chipworks looks at full frame DSLR sensors in multi-part series [updated]
October 24: Software News: new DxO Optics Pro 8, Apple DCR 4.01, FCP, P1C1P
October 23: New SLR lens: Nikon 70-200mm f4 VR (with 5-stop stabilization)
October 23: New Mirrorless Camera Announced: Nikon V2
October 23: New Nikon CX 1-System Lenses: 32/1.2, 6.5-13/3.5-5.6 VR, 10-100mm
October 23: Memeto, tiny automated life-logging wearable camera (Kickstarter)
October 23: Impact review: Samsung NX20 at Imaging Resource
October 23: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated
October 23: The Trouble Repor(t): Nikon D600 sensor dust issues?
October 23: Coming in April 2013: Canon 5D Mark III firmware update
October 23: PDN Photo Plus Expo Situation Room launched at the top of the blog pages
October 22: Apple announcement: iPad 4th generation, 7.9-inch iPad mini, 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro, uber-thin iMac, etc
October 22: (DEAD) Deal Alert: Olympus XZ-1 for $200 (black) [updated]
October 22: Auction: National Geographic Collection - the Art of Exploration (includes iconic NGeo Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry)
October 22: Curiosity factor: Fuji X-E1 at Luminous and HuffPhoto
October 22: Updates on Sony's Next Generation: RX1, A99, NEX-6, NEX-5R, new E-lenses
October 22: Curiosity factor: Canon G15 and S110 compacts with RAW
October 22: New medium format bellows film camera: Lomography Belair 6x12
October 22: Sony restructuring closes Minokama factory (iLC lenses, lens blocks and phone lenses)
October 22: Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated
October 22: False Alarm or Not? Nikon D800E disappears from Nikon USA website
October 21: Naming News: 4K video is now Ultra HD (UHD) [does this offer an opportunity for photography?]
October 21: Interview: 20-minute video interview with Panasonic Europe (GH3, etc)
October 18: Cameraholic Digest: GH3 vs E-M5, DP1m, D600, LX7, GH3 full-size samples, etc
October 18: Discounts Digest: Canon T3i body, 5DMk3 w/24-105, etc [updated]
October 17: Lytro is now shipping for $400 in two body colors
October 17: Pentax K-5 II studio test samples (including RAW) at IR
October 17: Firmware updates: Canon 1D X, Sony NEX-7, Axx, E-lenses
October 17: Cameraholic Digest: A99, NEX-6, D600, 1D X, SX50, FZ200, G5, E-M5, P7700, K5*, etc
October 17: Camera & Lens Review lists updated
October 17: Why do for-profit websites think they can republish other people's pictures for free?
October 17: Aptina talks details about their 1-inch sensor in dpreview interview
October 17: New GoPro Hero 3 action camera with 4K recording
October 16: Presidential Debate 2012: Mr. DSLR vs Mr. Mirrorless
October 15: Impact review: Panasonic LX7 at dpreview + dc resource
October 15: Interview with Sony President at dpreview covers multiple segments
October 14: Opinion Soup: historical, mirrorless, DSLR Death, Leica behavior, DIY, etc
October 14: Mobile Noise: Nokia Pureview 808, iPhone 5, news, etc
October 14: (DEAD) DSLR Deal: Canon D-Rebel T2i w/18-55 for $480
October 13: New Top Selling Cameras Snapshot posted
October 13: Cameraholic Digest: NEX-6, J2, Lytro, S800c Android, K30, 1Dx vs 5DMk3, etc
October 11: Cameraholic Dye Jest: NEX-6, RX1, A99, E-PL5, D600, GXR, EX2f, SX50 HS, etc
October 11: Curiosity factor: Olympus Body Cap Lens (15mm f8) sample pictures
October 11: Discover New Sites: Camera Ergonomics
October 11: Sony Alpha A99 samples from Sony event
October 11: Name leaks: Samsung NX-R and NX300
October 10: Mirrorless Deal: black Panasonic GF3 w/14-42 for $290
October 10: Newsbytes: Pentax interview, LED wars, Nikon woes, Hasselblad Fashion, etc
October 10: Camera & Lens Review lists updated
October 10: AP UK and BJP hold Leica accountable for Mirrorless denials
October 9: Dxomark: best cameraphone beats five-year old high-end compacts
October 9: dpreview launches new website dedicated to mobile photography (also: DxoMark launches DxoMark Mobile service)
October 9: Cameraholic Digest (DSLR): D600 fever, A99, 1D X + ISO comp, etc
October 9: Cameraholic Digest (Mirrorless): EOS-m, GH3, G5, NEX-F3, NEX-7, J2, 18-55 XF, E-PL5, etc
October 9: Lytro adding manual control to its camera
October 9: Curiosity factor: Nikon Coolpix S800c (Android camera) review and samples
October 9: Cameraholic Digest (Fixed Lens): LX7 & EX2f review party (also: DP Merrills, RX100, X100, G15 ISOz, etc)
October 8: Panasonic GH3 pre-production samples from multiple websites hit the internets
October 8: Sony RX1 pre-production real-world samples at dpreview [and IR and SHP]
October 8: Fuji closing their photo sharing site, users can transfer to Shutterfly
October 8: DxomarK measures the Canon Digital Rebel T4i aka 650D aka Kiss X6i
October 8: Dxomark measures the Panasonic G5
October 8: DxoMark measures the Sony NEX-F3
October 8: Camera & Lens Review lists updated [also: two new sources of reviews]
October 8: Lots of Blog Updates coming today
October 8: Reader Poll: Are you willing to lift a finger to help fund a free full-text RSS feed?
October 7: News round-up: new Sony H100, new Adobe DNG spec, new Eye-fi flagship, iPhone 5 flare, dpreview NextGen, AT&T Galaxy camera, etc
October 7: Adobe News: Lossy DNG in new spec (also: new LR, ACR, DNG C. versions x.2)
October 7: Dpreview launches Next Generation forums
October 7: New (quietly announced) camera: Sony Cybershot H100 superzoom
October 7: Samsung Galaxy superzoom Android camera to launch on AT&T with non-LTE 4G
October 7: New 16GB Eye-Fi flagship wireless SD card goes Class 10, priced at $100
October 7: iPhone 5 users discover Lens Flare and Deep Purple
October 7: (DEAD) Foveon Curiosity Deal: Sigma DP1x for $350
October 7: New updates coming tonight
October 2: Canon 3D leaked at B&H Photo website? Or Hoax? - we Investigate CSI style
October 2: Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, E-PL5, D600, 1D X, 35-100, K5 II*, etc
October 2: Ch-ch-ch-changes: Sony RX1 revised specs, Olympus E-M5 firmware 1.5
October 2: dpreview building Dxo Lab in Seattle for Lens and Camera testing
October 2: Kickstarter 3D printing project raises $1.5 million in one week
October 2: New HTC One X+ flagship cameraphone with 8mp f2 lens
October 1: Everybody Else: Photokina, Panasonic, GH3, Samsung, Ricoh, Leica, Hasselblad, Voigtlander, Zeiss, Schneider, SLR Magic, Lytro, Casio, etc
October 1: Honeymoon Report: Olympus and Sony (also: old executives plead guilty)
October 1: (DEAD) Discounted again: Nikon V1 w/10-30mm for $380 (was $445) [updated]
October 1: Olympus: interview, E-M5, lenses, XZ2, OsamaCam, etc
October 1: Technical: Why are MTF numbers different in different tests?
October 1: Nikon D600 action: reviews & previews & samples & 6D comparisons
October 1: PSA: Mansurovs is now
October 1: Nikon: D800, D800 vs E-M5 (!), D800E RAW, Interview, P7700, S800c, mini-me, etc
October 1: Fuji: Interview, X-E1, X-F1, X-Pro1 with new firmware, X100 w/wide lens
October 1: Curiosity factor: Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 review at PB
October 1: Sony: more RX1 samples (also: stack sensor woes) [etc]
October 1: Canon: 6D vs D600/BM (T4i, S110, SX50 & SX500) [interviews, etc]
October 1: Curiosity factor: Olympus E-PL5 reviews and previews


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