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October 01, 2012

Honeymoon Report: Olympus and Sony (also: old executives plead guilty)

They met at the Casual Business Encounters section of Craigslist. Now they are an item. Sort of :) Here are some of the latest updates on the Sony + Olympus honeymoon:

+ according to Amateur Photographer UK, Olympus hopes to make their camera gear more price competitive after the Sony tie-up

+ Olympus promises the moon on compacts borrowing technology from their M43rds iLCs, yet the new Stylus XZ-2 with a 1/1.x" sensor priced at $600 shows that they are out of touch with today's photographers/voters :)

+ Olympus also told Amateur Photographer UK they are planning more production in China, outsourcing of assembly and perhaps the worrisome part, cut staff costs (unless the cuts happen at management/marketing/bureaucrats and not camera designers and engineers)

+ ThePhoBloGrapher asked Olympus a specific technical question on the Sony-Olympus gear collaboration, but Olympus gave a general answer without going into specifics

Scandal Updates: Guilty Time!
Olympus is slowly but steadily trying to put the financial scandal behind them. At the same time, the legal matters are running their course. Three of the Olympus executives involved with the scandal have pleaded guilty.

Details at Imaging Resource and Amateur Photographer UK and PetaPixel et al.

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