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October 22, 2012

False Alarm or Not? Nikon D800E disappears from Nikon USA website

A professional photographer contacted Photography Blog to tell them that he called Nikon USA to talk about the Nikon D800E and was told: "The D800e no longer supported by Nikon". Not satisfied with that answer he checked the Nikon DSLRs page and the D800e was nowhere to be found on that page.

The most likely scenario is that this might be a temporary kerfuffle, perhaps more logistical and webmastery than existential for the D800e. The camera is not included in the "Archived" cameras list either and it is still listed at the Nikon USA store. Remember, Nikon or whoever they have outsourced their website are not exactly cutting edge gurus, so kerfuffles of this nature should not be a surprise.

Plus, anyone how has dealt with customer service representatives on a regular basis has probably experienced the "CSR Curve". A percentage are very efficient and effective at what they do, a higher percentage is good enough to eventually help you get things done, and another percentage is a volatile admixture of dazed, confused, uninterested and clueless.

Another sign that points to a false alarm is that Amazon itself and third-party sellers continue to have the camera in-stock for its usual price of $3300. Amazon has been known to pull cameras from their listings for lesser reasons.

On the other hand, to play Canon's advocate (ha!), could there be some issue with the camera that caused the temporary removal?

For a refresher on the D800E, check its list of completed reviews. Because of its unique nature (the anti-alias filter cancellation technology), the D800e has received fewer reviews that the D800 [see reviews].

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