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October 01, 2012

Everybody Else: Photokina, Panasonic, GH3, Samsung, Ricoh, Leica, Hasselblad, Voigtlander, Zeiss, Schneider, SLR Magic, Lytro, Casio, etc

And now the dramatic conclusion of the code-named two minute offense catch-up-a-thons covering the remaining manufacturers and general-purpose posts we haven't previously covered. We have already rounded-up Sigma and Pentax and Sony and Canon and Fuji and Nikon and Nikon D600 and Olympus and Olympus + Sony tieup...

Photokina Closing Thoughts
+ executive summary and recap at dpreview
+ products flying under the radar rounded up at
+ top eight gear of Photokina at Chase Jarvis blog
+ top ten cameras of Photokina according to ePhotozine
+ eye-catching pictures at ePhotozine
+ closing thoughts at Ming Thein blog
+ closing thoughts at Digital Camera Review
+ closing thoughts at Steve Huff Post
+ absurdity at Photokina at Digital Camera Info
+ total of 185,000 visitors estimated via PDN Online Pulse

+ Q&A interview with Imaging Resource
+ GH3 hands on at
+ GH3 at Photokina at PDN Online Pulse
+ G5 action continues at Sound Image Plus
+ GF3 action began at Nothing Special
+ Panasonic and Olympus booth visits at ThePhoblographer
+ FZ60/FZ62 superzoom review at ePhotozine
+ PanaLeica 25mm f1.4 at Tyson Robichaud

SLR Magic
+ shooting with the new T-lenses text and video hands on report at EOS Cine HD
+ long booth visit at ThePhoBlographer

+ Q&A with Leica at Imaging Resource at Photokina
+ interview with Leica on the Leica M (the new iPad model) as a filmmaker's tool at EOS-HD
+ long booth visit at ThePhoblographer
+ M-series and S-series camera bodies at ePhotozine
+ the CMOSIS (rhymes with myxomatosis? [don't google it!]) sensor of the Leica M (the new iPad model) at
+ Leicasonics hands on at ePhotozine
+ Celebrities love cameras at the NY Times Fashion & Style [it would be more fun if David Brooks read that article on video ;-] (via PetaPixel)

+ how did Hasselblad keep the Lunacy launch a secret? at Amateur Photographer UK
+ lots of camera body pictures of the Lunacy of NEX
+ booth visit at ThePhoblographer (bottom 2/3rds of the post)
+ Hasselblad Lunacy website has inaccurate sensor size information via Peta Pixel

+ booth visit at ThePhoblographer (bottom of the post)

+ booth visit at ThePhoBlographer (bottom of post)

+ booth visit at ThePhoblographer (middle of post)
+ booth visit at DSLR Magazine

+ GRD IV as a travel camera by William Jusuf at Steve Huff Post
+ industrial elementproof G700 and others gets new firmware via and Fotopolis and Firmware Resource

+ Galaxy Android camera hands-on at Peta Pixel
+ booth visit at ThePhoblographer (bottom half of the post)
+ NX1000 at Photocomment
+ fantasy camera is modular with smartphone at NX CSC (concept camera only)
+ if you are in the UK and your name is David Bailey, you get a free Samsung NX1000 mirrorless camera via Steve's Digicams

+ round up of Lytro related posts at Pixique

Casio Watches or Cameras?
+ body hands-on with many future P&S landfillers at ePhotozine

Etc, Etc, Etc
+ Impossible Instant Lab pictures and video preview at Quesabesde
+ MS Optical 50mm f1.1 Sonnetar for M hands on at
+ Kenko Tokina Soluis KSR-EF10 macro ring light at Optyczone
+ Epson printers hands-on at ePhotozine
+ Sigma booth visit at X3 Magazine
+ Lensbaby SparklePony at PetaPixel
+ Lensbaby hands on at ThePhoBlographer
+ Aptina new 18mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor for P&S cameras at PMA News Line
+ booth visits at ePhotozine
+ booth visits at Fotopolis

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