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October 08, 2012

DxoMark measures the Sony NEX-F3

Dxomark came back strong after the summer break with a trio of new test results measurements! We start with the new entry-level Sony mirrorless NEX camera, the NEX-F3. Here are the Dxomark test results and here is their analysis of their findings.

As usual, we pre-filled some comparisons for you to pixel-geek about...

NEX-F3 vs other Sony interchangeable lens cameras
+ NEX-F3 vs NEX-C3 vs NEX-3: three generation of NEX entry-level models
+ NEX-F3 vs NEX-7 vs NEX-5n: vs more advanced NEXxies
+ NEX-F3 vs NEX-6 vs NEX-5R (not measured yet)
+ NEX-F3 vs Alpha A35 vs A33 - vs Alpha entry-level SLT dSLR models (A37 not measured yet)
+ NEX-F3 vs Alpha A57 vs A55 - vs above-entry-level SLT dSLRs
+ NEX-F3 vs Alpha A77 vs A65: vs 24mp APS-C SLT dSLRs
+ NEX-F3 vs Sony A99 vs RX1 (not measured yet)

NEX-F3 vs Other Cameras
+ NEX-F3 vs Samsung NX11 vs NX10 - vs Samsung NX mirrorless
+ NEX-F3 vs Samsung NX20 vs NX210 vs NX200 vs NX1000 (not measured yet)
+ NEX-F3 vs Fuji X100 - APS-C sensors
+ NEX-F3 vs Fuji X-Pro1 vs X-E1 (not measured yet)
+ NEX-F3 vs Olympus E-M5 vs E-P3: vs Olympus leaders
+ NEX-F3 vs Olympus E-PL3 vs E-PM1: vs affordable E-Pens
+ NEX-F3 vs Olympus E-PL5 vs E-PM2 (not measured yet)
+ NEX-F3 vs Panasonic G5 vs G3: vs Panasonic M43rds
+ NEX-F3 vs Panasonic GF5 vs GF3: vs Panasonic M43rds
+ NEX-F3 vs Panasonic GH2 vs GH1: vs Panasonic GH-series
+ NEX-F3 vs Panasonic GX1 vs GF1: vs Panasonic M43rds
+ NEX-F3 vs Nikon V1 vs J1: vs Nikon 1-inch mirrorless
+ NEX-F3 vs Nikon J2 (not measured yet)
+ NEX-F3 vs Leica X2 vs X1 (not measured yet)
+ NEX-F3 vs Sigma DP-series (not measured yet)
+ NEX-F3 vs Pentax K-01 vs Q: vs Pentax mirrorless
+ NEX-F3 vs Pentax Q10 (not measured yet)

More opinions on the NEX-F3
Dxomark testing is not an end-to-end camera system evaluation, but rather, a specific set of technical measurements. For more opinions on the NEX-F3, check the camera's list of completed reviews.

NEX-F3 w/18-55 available for $500
The NEX-F3 with the 18-55mm kit lens is available for $500 in the black NEX-F3 kit or the silver NEX-F3 kit.

The NEX-F3 is one of the NEXXies eligible for the 55-210mm $100 off instant rebate promotion. If you buy one of the NEX-F3 kits together (in the same shopping cart) as the 55-210mm NEX lens, you get a combined purchase discount of $100 at the top right corner of the Amazon checkout page. This promotion expires on November 3, 2012.

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