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October 07, 2012

Dpreview launches Next Generation forums

One of the iconic forums talking photography in the digital age, the dpreview forums, have now switched to a Next Generation user interface, a more Web 2.0 interface, which includes up-voting and down-voting of individual posts in threads, which should prove entertaining during flame wars. Not that I am encouraging people to start flame wars just to test this new feature ;-)

An overview of the forum redesign can be found in this dpreview post along with the earlier more detailed overview.

You can checkout and practice with the new format using your favorite subjects or brand-specific forums of interest.

The new format is vigorously discussed in the dpreview announcement post with nearly 700 comments there.

As it is often the case with major changes, they are not greeted as liberators by everyone. There is one thread with complaints at the Open Talk forum and another pointing out frustration with the mouse-over pop-up preview.

Dpreview is actively collecting feedback on the new forums, so if you have any opinions on the new changes, there are feedback links in this dpreview post.

As you may recall recalling, a couple of years ago there was a big redesign kerfuffle at the Gawker network of blogs (Gizmodo, io9, Lifehacker, etc). The pushback from readers was such that Gawker decided to offer users three format options (blog-view, traditional, two-pane with independent scrolling).

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