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October 25, 2012

Curiosity factor: Panasonic GH3 reviews at Photography Blog and ePhotozine

Don't you forget about me sings the Panasonic GH3! Two new reviews of the camera were finalized the last couple of days. Hot off the e-presses is a new review of the camera at The Photography Blog, while earlier in the week, the GH3 was reviewed at ePhotozine.

For more reviews (in the future), check the list of completed Panasonic GH3 reviews.

Availability-wise, the camera remains in a pre-order state with a starting price of $1300.

Unfortunately though the GH3 is not eligible for the Panasonic M43rds Lens Instant Rebates (GH2, GX1, GF5, G5 only) which expire December 1, 2012 (unless renewed/cancelled).

If lower priced cameras were eligible for the Instant Rebates (eg the GF3 kits which go around $300) that would have been a good opportunity to get the 12-35mm f2.8 at an additional $200 discount.

IGNORE - CONFUSION: The following is a confusion. I confused the starting price of the 35-100 ($1500) vs the 12-35mm ($1300) and thought this was a discount. Thanks to Joe for pointing it out at the Camera Deals blog. All apologies for the confusion! Another side-effect of hundreds of new camera gear per year... Speaking of which, the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 has dropped by another $100, now going for $1200 by Amazon herself.

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