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October 11, 2012

Curiosity factor: Olympus Body Cap Lens (15mm f8) sample pictures

It is not often we get a new body cap that is also a lens! So what kind of pictures does it take? The answer is waiting for you. Two sets of sample pictures have been posted on the internets by (web size walking the dog samples) and Aussie on Flickr (30 full-size JPEGs) [via m43 blog]

More samples and discussion by The Minimalist at the forums. Thanks to Neonart for the alert. [NEW!]

The Olympus Body Cap Lens, aka the BCL 15mm f8 is available for pre-order for $50 at B&H Photo and $60 at Amazon; priced between a lens cap and a pancake lens ;-) [LOWER PRICE!]

PS: I keep calling this a "lens cap lens" instead of a "body cap lens". Another side-effect of "biological macro" typing/thinking. This is a blanket past, present and future correction :) Thanks to Nate for pointing it out in the comments.

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