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October 24, 2012

Chipworks looks at full frame DSLR sensors in multi-part series [updated]

Sensor fans, unite and take over! Chipworks is publishing a three-part series on 35mm full frame sensors and DSLRs! Episode I covers Nikon vs Sony while episode #2 covers Canon. The rest and the future will be covered in a yet to be published installment. (via ISW blog).

Thirteen New 35mm Full Frame Digital Cameras in 2012
As you can see at the Cameras of 2012 reference page, and the chart below, we had thirteen (13) new 35mm full frame digital cameras in 2012. They break down as:

+ eight 35mm full frame DSLRs (Nikon D4, D800, D800E, D600, Canon 1D C, 6D, 5D Mark III, Sony A99)
+ three 35mm full frame rangefinders (M, M-E, M-Monochrome)
+ one 35mm full frame mirrorless video NEX camera (NEX-VG900)
+ one fixed lens camera (RX1)

At a meta level (regardless of sensor size), counting the video-priority cameras with stills-photography mounts is a confusion as to where to draw the line, 1D C? EOS Cinema? NEX-VG? Panasonic AG-??? Blackmagic Design? RED? Soy vey! But if you think photographers are the only ones having to deal with multiple mounts, just take a look at all those different coffee machine systems with different coffee pods ;-)

As a refresher, here is a chart of the 35mm full frame digital camera announced since 2002. The number of cameras increased so much I had to insanely stretch the chart to make them all fit, so readability is compromised. This is a live chart below, so there are limitations in sizing, formatting, and such. (yes, the Google live charts are driving me crazy!). The X-axis is the number of days since each camera's official announcement. Errors, typos and confusions are always a possibility.

As you can see at the chart above, we had an explosion of 35mm full frame cameras this year. The action actually started in October of 2011 with the Canon 1D X. Before that, the most recent 35mm full frame camera was the Nikon D3s announced in October 2009.

The Year of 35mm Full Frame?

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