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October 09, 2012

Cameraholic Digest (Mirrorless): EOS-m, GH3, G5, NEX-F3, NEX-7, J2, 18-55 XF, E-PL5, etc

And now part #2 of the Cameraholic Digest Tuesday trilogy, rounding up the latest action in mirrorless cameras. Part #1 featured Fixed Lens Cameras. Part #3 features DSLRs and SLR gear... If you missed any previous episodes, be sure to check them out in the Cameraholic Digest Archives.

Mirrorless Opinion
+ Did Mirrorless Miss? by Sans Thom Hogan Mirror

Three Way Comparison
+ Sony NEX-F3 vs Samsung NX1000 vs Nikon J2 at What Digital Camera? (six pages)

Canon Mirrorless
+ EOS-m review at Engadget
+ availability: EOS-m remains in pre-order state

+ GH3 pre-production JPEG samples and 1080p videos from the London Zoo (round-up posted earlier and updated again this AM)
+ Panasonic G5 measured by Dxomark - detailed coverage
+ Panasonic offering stackable M43rds Camera & Lens instant rebates

+ interview with Olympus President at DSLR Magazine (computer-translated)
+ E-PL5 street photography by Robin Wong
+ E-M5 firmware update includes sensor-shift stabilization for third-party lenses in video mode says Tyson Robichaud
+ E-m5 hosts 75mm f1.8 field test at Focus Numerique
+ 75mm f1.8 silver in-stock for $900 (as of the time of writing)

+ NEX-F3 measured by Dxomark - detailed coverage
+ NEX-F3 review at Optyczone (computer-translated)
+ NEX-7 review at F/Stoppers
+ NEX-5R user manual available to download via dropbox via Sony Alpha NEX

Nikon CX 1-System
+ J2 review at Amateur Photographer UK

+ X-E1 hosts the 18-55mm lens by Fuji's Brandon Remler
+ @FujiGuys posted a 18-55mm and 60mm lens side-by-side on Twitter (there are also some more @FujiGuys twit-pictures)
+ short X-Pro1 in Vietnam post at The Travel Photographer

+ NX20 review at Optyczone (computer-translated)
+ NX1000 and Maya Hanser at CSC Magazine

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