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October 09, 2012

Cameraholic Digest (Fixed Lens): LX7 & EX2f review party (also: DP Merrills, RX100, X100, G15 ISOz, etc)

And now Phase III of the Catch-up-a-thon, the browser-crashing Cameraholic Digests! We will break this edition in three pieces, starting with the Fixed Lens(e) Cameras... Part #2 features Mirrorless Cameras. Part #3 features DSLR gear... If you missed any previous episodes, be sure to check them out in the Cameraholic Digest Archives.

Come On Feel The Noise
+ put on your pixel-peeping glasses!
+ Canon G15 ISO comparison at Focus Noisique compared to Samsung EX2f and Panasonica LX7 and Leica X2 (standard test scene)
+ Samsung EX2f ISO comparison at Focus Noisique compared to Panasonic LX7 and Sigma DP2 Merrill and Canon G1x and Fuji X10 (standard test scene)

Panasonic LX7 Review Party
+ this is Panasonic LX7 review week
+ LX7 review at Camera Labs
+ LX7 review at Amateur Photographer UK
+ LX7 review at Steve Digicams
+ LX7 review at CNet Asia
+ LX7 review at Neocamera (not mentioned in previous roundup)
+ LX7 vs Samsung EX2f at ePhotozine
+ see more LX7 reviews
+ LX7 is as of the time of writing shipping for $450

Samsung EX2f Review Party
+ not as many as the LX7, but still more than Samsung usually gets
+ EX2f review at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ EX2f review at Digital Camera Info
+ EX2f review at Pocket Lint
+ EX2f vs Panasonic LX7 at ephotozine
+ see more EX2f reviews
+ EX2f is as of the time of writing shipping for $450

Sigma DP Merrills
+ DP2 Merrill long series of posts (on-going) at Sound Image Plus (posts are shown in reverse-chronological order, so start reading from the bottom if that's your first visit there)
+ DP1 Merrill samples at ePhotoZine
+ remember, the Merrills have APS-C sensors, while older DP-series cameras have 1.7x sensors

+ RX1 preproduction samples round-up (posted earlier on)
+ RX100 ISO comparisons at Alpha Numerique
+ RX100 review at (computer-translated)
+ RX1 in pre-order state for $2800

+ X100 opinion at Fotopolis
+ X100 opinion at Fotopolis (different photographer than above)

+ Powershot S110 (not the Elph) first impressions at Thew's Review's
+ Powershot SX50 HS superzoom samples at Photography Blog
+ Powershot SX50 HS superzoom samples including ISO-range color-charts at ePhotozine HS
+ Powershot SX50 HS superzoom text and video preview at What Digital Camera? (indeed, a great question, with over 600 models released since 2010)
+ Powershot SX160 IS AA-superzoom review at Photography Blog
+ Powershot D20 waterproof review at Photography Blog and Waterproof Pixel

+ Coolpix S800c Android 2.3 review at CNet UK
+ Coolpix S800c samples at ePhotozine

+ SP820uz superzoom samples including ISO range color charts at ePhotozine
+ VH410 samples including ISO range color charts at ephotozine (VH is a good mnemonic for this camera, about as exciting as VHS) [meow!]

Panasonic (sans LX7)
+ FZ200 review at ePhotozine
+ FZ60/FZ62 review at CNet UK
+ Suzie 5 (SZ5) wireless review at ePhotozine

+ V-Lux 4 real-world JPEG samples at Fotopolis

Pentax Ricoh not-Hoya
+ Optio WG-2 elementproof 5-minute video hands-on overview at Photography Banzai

+ short hands-on preview at ePhotozine (review in progress they say)

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