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October 08, 2012

Camera & Lens Review lists updated [also: two new sources of reviews]

The Catch-up-a-thon continues! Completed camera and lens reviews posted in the last few days have now been added to the Lens Reviews stream and the Camera Reviews stream which also overflowed to Page #2 of Camera Reviews. A total of nine completed lens reviews and sixteen completed camera reviews were added.

This concludes Phase A of the Catch-up-a-thon Phase II. Next up, Phase B where we digest what needs to be posted and organize it in readable/digestable blog-posts...

Two New Sources of Reviews
If you are a review junky, there are two new sources to help you get your fix! First up, on the lens front, Canon Rumors is planning a wave of lens reviews, starting with the Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L II.

Next up, one of the photography Buzzfeed-genre blogs, F/Stoppers, is entering the camera review segment as well, with photography priority type of reviews, starting with the Sony NEX-7.

Do you post useful reviews of camera gear? Let Us Know!
If you post useful reviews of camera gear and your reviews are not listed here, please let us know using the online contact form. With so many cameras and so many reviews out there, we can't find every review out there. Also contact us if you have favorite websites that are not included and would like to see included.

Please note that the Lens Reviews stream and the Camera Reviews stream include completed reviews only. The Cameraholic Digest round-ups and other related posts on the main blog are not restricted to completed reviews.

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