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October 10, 2012

AP UK and BJP hold Leica accountable for Mirrorless denials

As you may recall recalling, in an earlier joint interview in June 2011 with Amateur Photographer UK and British Journal of Photography, two well-known photography magazines, Leica executives said that a compact system camera system from Leica was going to be announced at Photokina 2012.

Photokina 2012 has come and gone, but there was no compact system camera system from Leica. Sure, they added EVF and video to the new M-flagship, but that's not exactly a new compact system camera as indicated in the June 2011 interview.

To counter the non-event event, Leica's Stephan Daniel went on the offensive, in an interview with The L-Camera Forum blog, claimed that "... We’re not happy about the interview which started that rumour. We feel that it rather misrepresented what was said...", while CEO Alfred Schopf claimed that they were talking about a Live View camera, not an EVIL system camera.

Interesting that Leica is "correcting the record" 15 months after the interview, when they could have easily contacted AP UK and BJP right after the interview was published in June 2011 and offered a correction or clarification.

Fast forward to today, and in parallel statements, both the British Journal of Photography and Amateur Photographer UK re-affirm the accuracy of their original reports in June 2011.

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