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October 07, 2012

Adobe News: Lossy DNG in new spec (also: new LR, ACR, DNG C. versions x.2)

And now time to round up some of the latest Adobe-related happenings, starting with a new specification for Adobe DNG, version 1.4, that among other things offers Lossy compression, bringing the per-image storage closer to JPEG size. Details on the new specification, along with examples at the Lightroom Journal blog. If you want to dig into the 100-page specification, look for the PDF download link at Adobe's website. Via, discussion and overview of the new developments at dpreview.

Next up, new software versions! Graduating from the college of release candidates to actual product releases are Lightroom 4.2, Camera Raw 4.2, and DNG Converter 7.2. Details via Imaging Resource and Photography Review and Pop Photo and Photography Blog et al.

Adobe evangelist Terry L. White has a detailed camera list of the 22 new cameras added to Lightroom 4.2, as well as the 12 new cameras supported for tethered capture. The list includes a number of the high-profile Photokina season announcements, but definitely not all of them.

And we close with a false alarm. An announcement at the Adobe Labs blog that depended on implied scope generated with a mini-panic (@EOS-HD, TPBG) that Adobe was abandoning CinemaDNG. Adobe clarified in a later post that this was simply an Adobe Labs housekeeping development, not a change of strategy towards CinemaDNG.

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