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September 06, 2012

Zeiss planning auto-focus (yes, AUTO-FOCUS) lenses for mirrorless cameras

In paragraph #4 of the juicy official Zeiss Photokina blog-post, Zeiss reveals that they are working on autofocus (yes, autofocus) lenses for mirrorless camera systems. The first wave is estimated to be available in the middle of 2013. Zeiss is planning primes first, and judging by the text, there will be three lenses in the first wave, a wide, a normal, and a macro. (sounds like Fuji's first three lenses strategy?)

However, the text does not reveal which of the many mirrorless systems will be covered by the new Zeiss lenses. So that's one more mystery for Photokina and beyond. There are so many mirrorless systems at the moment, M43rds, Sony NEX, Samsung NX, Canon EOS-M, Nikon CX Angry Inch, Fuji X/XF, Pentax Q, Pentax K-mirrorless, Ricoh GXR, Kenko C-something...

That fourth paragraph ends with an endorsement of sorts of the new mirrorless systems by Zeiss. Considering who Zeiss is, this may be considered, at least by some, as perhaps an influential turning point.

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