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September 10, 2012

New DSLRs: two new Pentax K5 Mark II models - With or Without the AA Filter

Nikon first offered the same camera with or without the AA filter effects in the D800 and D800e full frame DSLRs. Now Pentax joins the party by offering two versions of the brand new Pentax K-5 Mark II: with and without the AA filter. The without gets a small s at the end of its name, which is a bad naming strategy, because "s" is plural and it creates unnecessary confusions.

The cameras get the new SAFOX X autofocusing system that promises improvements and better low light performance.

As you may recall, the anti-aliasing filter is not removed from Nikon D800e, but rather, its functionality is cancelled. I do not know if the Pentax K5 II s has it removed or uses cancelling-functionality technology.

The K5 Mark II body only has a suggested retail price (SRP) of $1200, while the K5 Mark II s has a SRP of $1300.

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