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September 20, 2012

Trade Show Floor round-up: DSLR Gear: 6D, D600, Leica S, K-5 II* (lots and lots), etc

We continue with Phase II of the Trade Show Floor round-ups! In this phase, we group the round-ups by product category instead of by camera manufacturer... This round-up covers DSLRs and DSLR gear... Earlier on we rounded up the fixed-lens cameras and also Mirrorless Gear...

+ D600 video preview at Kamera & Bild (in Swedish)
+ D600 hands on at PetaPixel
+ D600 in-stock and shipping for $2100 (or $2600 w/24-85)

+ S medium format (2012 model) first impressions at Digital Camera Info
+ S medium format (2012 model) hands on at PDN at Photokina

+ 6D 14-minute video preview at Camera Labs
+ 6D hands on and video at Trusted Reviews
+ 6D hands on and video at Peta Pixel
+ 6D hands on at PDN at Photokina
+ 6D body hands on at ePhotozine
+ 200-400mm with built-in extended may come by year's end at CNet at Photokina
+ Cinema C100 3 minute video preview at Digital Camera Info
+ Cinema 1D C body hands-on at ePhotoZine
+ 6D available for pre-order for $2100

+ Alpha A99 at

+ K-5 II* hands on and videos at PentaxForums at Photokina
+ K-5 II* first impressions at Digital Camera Info
+ K-5 II*, new lenses, and reversible Pentax/Ricoh paper bag to show the harmony and co-operation within ;-) at DC Watch Impress
+ K-5 II* first look 2-minute video at What Digital Camera?
+ K-5 II* hands on at Pocket Lint
+ K30 blue hands on at Fotopolis
+ K-mount lenses at PentaxForums at Photokina
+ 18-270mm DA hands on at Photography Blog

Lens Manufacturers
+ Schneider Kreuznach boot visit by dpreview
+ Shiguma booth visit by dpreview
+ Samyang booth visit by Optyczone
+ Voigtlander hands on at Photography Blog
+ three Tamron 90mm f2.8 Di VC trade show floor full size JPEG samples at ePhotozine

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