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September 27, 2012

Trade Show Calendar for 2013 created (added to existing 2012 Calendar)

Time flies fellow time travelers! 2013 is almost upon us, so we updated the Trade Show Calendar reference page by adding the 2013 photography-related trade shows. We added 2013 on top of 2012, and we also added the year next to each month's name to make sure there is no confusion. Previously the Trade Show Calendar page only showed the 2012 trade shows.

Some trade shows are moving in time in 2013, so be sure to adjust your calendars! The Digital Show (formerly PMA Australia) has moved to September, Photoshop World moved to mid-April, CP Plus starts a few days earlier (last day of January 2013).

As far as 2012 is concerned, the year is not done yet! As you can see at the 2012 section of the Trade Show Calendar, the PDN Photo Plus Expo will take place in New York between October 24-27, while Le Salon de la Photo will take place in Paris between November 8-12.

For omissions, corrections, additions, etc, please leave a comment below or use the online contact form. We can't find every trade show, and typos/errors/confusions are always a possibility!

If you find the Trade Show Calendar reference page useful, please feel free to share it with your photo-friends on Twitter, Zuckerbook, Google++, Email, etc.

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