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September 19, 2012

Three Leica interviews talk camera naming, pricing, Wifi, and more

A trio of Leica text-based interviews have hit the interets. The first two appear to be at/during the Leica press event in Koln at British Journal of Photography and Amateur Photographer UK where Leica says that they will never make a 1000 GBP camera, and that Wifi is in the works for future cameras.

So what about the mirrorless camera Leica has been talking about? Did they just mean the new Leica M-E all along? As Leica confesses in the one-on-one dpreview interview, the M-E is basically the Leica M9.

And the dpreview interview reveals the Apple-think at work at Leica. The M is like the new iPad. Who needs product numbers? It's the new Leica M! It's the new iPad! Sure, it can be very confusing for people researching, buying and selling these cameras and these iPads, now and especially in the future when more and more "new Ms" and "new iPads" arrive, but Leica and Apple and Honey Badger don't care :)

Speaking of Leica and Apple, Apple's legendary Jonathan Ive will be creating a very special Leica M design that will be auctioned for charity says Pocket Lint et al. It is beautiful, it just works, and we are certain you are going to like it! ;-)

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