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September 13, 2012

The Morning After: Nikon D600 (including JPEG and NEF samples)

Time to catch up with the latest Nikon D600 happenings. We pick up from where we left off last night after we finalized the Nikon D600 announcement round-up. If you can't resist the D600 siren's's song, the body-only is available for pre-order at Amazon for $2100. If you want the D600 w/24-85 kit, don't buy the standard kit for $2700. Instead, for $2600, you can buy them in the same shopping cart as stand alone kits (more details).

Nikon D600 hands-on and previews
+ hands-on at Photography Blog and body hands-on
+ hands-on at Engadget and The Verge
+ body pictures at The Verge
+ first impressions at DPhotographer UK

Nikon D600 Samples
+ real-world JPEG samples at dpreview (see introduction)
+ real-world night time samples at Imaging Resource
+ JPEG and NEF ISO-range comparison at Focus Numerique (links to RAW files are below the sample pictures - look for the word "Raw" to find them)
+ JPEG and NEF samples intermixed at
+ cat-lady samples at Fotopolis
+ full-size JPEG samples on the Nikon France flickr
+ ISO comparison crops at Engadget

Etc, etc, etc
+ D600 vs D800 spec-sheet comparison at ePhotozine and The Mansurovs
+ 8-minute video interview with Nikon official at Focus Numerique (interview is in French)

Even more YouTube Video Hands-Ons

+ McNamara Report and Which UK and Digital Camera World and What Digital Camera?
+ eight YouTube-embedded videos after jump...

Videos of Photo-Geeks Talking About the D600 (User-Generated Content)

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