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September 14, 2012

Starting Today: Liquidation sale for Ritz and Wolf B&M stores

In an email sent to people on their emailing list, Ritz Camera informs that their brick and mortar stores have began a going-out-of-business/liquidation sale starting today. You can check remaining stores using the store locator pages for Ritz and Wolf. The only exception is five stores that will remain open and are under new management.

The five "surviving" stores are: 6th Ave (Portlandia, Oregon), Riverside (The
OC, Californication), Salt Lake City (Utah), San Antonio (Republic of Texas) and Homewood (Alabama).

If shopping at going-out-of-business/liquidation sales, be sure to factor in the trade-offs involved.

It will be interesting to see whether this can give a small boost to local brick and mortar camera stores. While cameras are not books, the downfall of the Borders bookstore chain has partially helped a mini-resurgence of independent book stores, with some even entering (!) the bookselling business (eg Rasputin music stores).

Meanwhile, the websites of and inform that they will re-open on November 1st under new management. It will be interesting to find out who purchased them.

One candidate perhaps is Systemax, the parent company of Tigerdirect, which has already scooped up the CompUSA and Circuit City brands after their downfall. [this is only speculation!]

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