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September 19, 2012

Sony Trade Show Floor round-up: NEX-6 and A99 samples, no-filler interview, not much else

And now time to round up the company known as the three times a full frame lady, aka Sony. Just like Pentax, Sony announced their new gear before Photokina Monday, so there isn't as much curiosity factor interest in them. But still, it is a bit strange not to see more action with the RX1... Earlier on we posted the Leica round-up and the Olympus round-up and the Samsung round-up and the Nikon round-up and the Panasonic round-up and the Fuji round-up and the Pentax round-up and the Canon round-up...

Sony Booth
+ dpreview

Sony NEX-6
+ 40 real-world JPEG samples with late pre-production model at Photography Blog

Sony A99
+ 50 real-world JPEG samples wiht late pre-production model at Photography Blog (Iceland)
+ hands on video at Digital Camera Info

Sony - Other
+ interview with two Sony dudes at Amateur Photograppher UK (jam-packed interview; no filler questions!)
+ Alpha 18-135mm SAM review at Photographic Central
+ refresher: Sony announcements recap and Day After Announcement and Day #3
+ new Sony gear available for pre-order

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