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September 15, 2012

SLR Magic will show four mirrorless prime prototypes at Photokina

Two patterns have emerged so far this year. It is becoming the Year of the 35mm Full Frame Camera, and it has been the Year of the Lens.

With that as a preface, SLR Magic, another one of the upstart third-party lens manufacturers, has announced that they will show four new prototype prime lenses at Photokina. Three T-primes and a 23mm f1.7 hyperprime for stills photography. SLR Magic appears to be looking to the future as their lenses will be available in mirrorless mounts only: Sony NEX e-mount, Fuji X/XF, and Micro Four Thirds. The 23/1.7 HyperPrime - or Hyped Prime ;-) - is planned for an early 2013 release with a price of $400.

Press release parade at dpreview et al.

Yes, at face value the term "mirrorless lens" is silly, but in this context, it is used as a shortcut to describe lenses designed to be used exclusively on mirrorless compact camera systems. It is faster to say "mirrorless lens". Plus, the silliness of it may generate giggles among photographers ;-)

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