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September 03, 2012

Sigma prices APS-C DP1 Merrill (fixed lens camera) at $1000

If you are not a die-hard Foveon fan, you may have already forgotten the two new Sigma fixed-lens DP-series Merrils, the DP1 and DP2, announced in February 2012, with an APS-C sensor, "growing up" from the classic 1.7x Foveon sensor size.

The DP2 Merrill had previously been released with a price of $1000, and last week Sigma revealed the price of the DP1 Merrill. And surprise-surprise, it is also priced at $1000 and it is available for pre-order at B&H Photo. Considering Sigma's world-famous "speed" when it comes to new camera releases, that was fairly fast and furious :)

The increase in sensor size "saves" Sigma DP-series prices from looking deranged like the original SD1 DSLR price. The DP-Merrill prices follow the fixed-lens camera sensor-size progression, with the 1.5" Canon G1x under $700, the 1" Sony RX100 at $650, the 2/3" Fuji X10 at $550, and the 1/1.x" Panasonic LX7 and friends at $500 or less.

Infact, when you compare the DP-Merrills to the Fuji X100 at $1200, and the Leica X-series at $2000, the DP-Merrills are *gasp* the lowest priced APS-C sensor fixed-lens compacts!

Speaking of the SD1 DSLR, it continues to have the same price range as DSLRs did back at the very influential PMA 2002 where we had the first wave of $2000-ish DSLRs that were "reasonably priced" (at the time) for the average photographer. A discount of $300 has dropped it to $2000 at B&H Photo and Amazon. So it is still priced in the Foveon-fans-only price range. And here lies one of the problems that prevents mainstream adoption of Sigma DSLRs: they are still in 2002 in many different ways! [okay, 2002 may sound a little too harsh, but is it?]

For reviews of the aforementioned DP-series and SD-series cameras, check the Camera Reviews stream.

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