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September 25, 2012

Revisiting the Nikon D600 DxoMark test results (with long list of comparisons)

DXoMark, in their infinite wisdom, decided to publish three new test results (D600, K30, GF5) in the middle of the Photokina 2012 announcement madness. Now that the announcement madness is over, let us take a closer look at their test results of the Nikon D600. Here are the test results (click on Measurements to see the Flash widget with the detailed results). They have also published an analysis of their findings.

The usual DXoMark caveats apply when evaluating the test results... Potentially interesting comparisons with cameras that were not measured by Dxomark (as of the time of writing of this blog-post) are marked with (future comparison) in the long list of comparison lists below:

Nikon D600 vs Nikon 35mm Full Frame DSLRs
+ D600 vs D800 vs D800e: vs 36mp Nikon full framers
+ D600 vs D4 vs D3s: vs Nikon speed-demons
+ D600 vs D3x vs D700: vs older Nikon full framers

Nikon D600 vs Other Manufacturer 35mm Full Frame DSLRs
+ D600 vs Canon 6D (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Canon 5D Mark III vs 5D Mark II: vs Canon's star full frame DSLRs
+ D600 vs Canon 1D X vs 1D C (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Canon 1D Mark IV vs 1Ds Mark III - vs the Canon 1D series
+ D600 vs Sony Alpha A99 SLT (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Sony A900 vs A850 - vs older Sony DSLRs with traditional OVF/mirror combo
+ D600 vs Pentax K5 II vs K5 IIs (no AA) (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Pentax K-5 vs K-30: vs Pentax APS-C dSLRs
+ D600 vs Sigma SD-series (future comparison)

Nikon D600 vs Other 35mm Full Frame Cameras
+ D600 vs Leica M (2012) vs M-E vs M9p (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Leica M9 vs M8: vs M-rangefinders
+ D600 vs Sony RX1 (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Sony NEX-VG900 (future comparison)

Nikon D600 vs Medium Format
+ D600 vs Pentax 645D - vs Pentax 645 DSLRs
+ D600 vs Leica S2 vs Leica S (2012) (future comparison)
+ only Leica and Apple have newer products with a lower product number ;-)

Nikon D600 vs APS-C DSLRs
+ D600 vs D7000 vs D90: vs Nikon's critically acclaimed APS-C DSLRs
+ D600 vs D3200 vs D5100: vs 24mp and 16mp APS-C dSLRs
+ D600 vs Canon 7D vs 60D: vs Canon's APS-C leaders
+ D600 vs Sony A77 vs A65: vs Sony's 24mp APS-C SLT dSLRs
+ D600 vs Sony A57 vs A55: vs Sony's 16mp APS-C SLT DSLRs

Nikon D600 vs Mirrorless
+ D600 vs Fuji X-Pro1 (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Panasonic GH3 (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Sony NEX-6 vs NEX-5R (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Sony NEX-7 vs NEX-5n
+ D600 vs Olympus E-M5 vs Panasonic GH2: vs M43rds
+ D600 vs Ricoh GXR (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Pentax K-01 vs Samsung NX11: vs more APS-C mirrorless
+ D600 vs Samsung NX20 vs NX210 (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Canon EOS-M (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Nikon V1 vs J1: vs Nikon 1-inch CX system
+ D600 vs Nikon J2 (future comparison)

Nikon D600 vs The Others
+ D600 vs Sigma DP-series (Foveon 1.7x and APS-C fixed lens compacts) (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Leica X2 vs X1 (future comparison)
+ D600 vs Fuji X100: vs Fuji's APS-C prime

Also Coming Up
+ D600 vs Logitech Webcam
+ D600 vs Nikon Coolpix SQ
+ D600 vs Pinhole Camera

D600 is now shipping
+ the Nikon D600 body only is in-stock for $2100 at Amazon by Amazon itself
+ D600 w/24-85 for $2600 at Amazon by Amazon
+ optional: eligible for the Nikon Lens Instant Rebates (expires Sept-29-2012)

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