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September 20, 2012

Polaroid News: new action/POV cameras, new Impossible Project instant films and Instant Lab hands-on

There is a new wave of new news today! We will cover the new news first and then start the trade show floor round-ups later today! We start with GaGa News! Yes, Lady Gaga's pet project, Polaroid [exaggeration], is jumping on the action/POV camera bandwagon with three new models, the XS7, XS20 and XS100. Prices start at $70.

Sample video and pictures at Engadget. More at Photography Blog et al.

New Impossible Project Color Instant Films
Speaking of things Polaroid, the Impossible Projects announced two new instant films at Photokina, the PX70 and PX680. Some hipsters almost cried out in joy, before their ironic process intervened and transformed the cry of joy into a semi-discernible smirk ;) Details at Photography Blog.

Impossible Instant Lab hands-on video
The Impossible Project is also making progress on its Impossible Instant Lab project, an iPhone ecosystem hardware accessory. Details and hands-on video of this curious contraption at Engadget. This is a Kickstarter project and has already raised nearly half a million dollars.

Interview with Polaroid CEO
Last but not least, a video interview with the Polaroid CEO is published at Engadget.

PS: we are including Polaroid and Impossible Project news together since they both have their roots at the original Polaroid. And because we are trying to not have 500 new posts per day :)

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