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September 15, 2012

Photokina 2012 Situation Room launched at the top of the blog

Real estate prices are too high, so we can't afford a full situation room with anchors with beards and pent-up grumpiness but we can afford a Photokina 2012 Situation Room in a Box at the top of each blog page. The box will be updated as new camera gear are announced. The announcements are shown in reverse chronological order (most recent announcements are shown first), as you can see them in our September archives.

If you find this annoying, take comfort in the fact that Photokina is just one week every two years :)

We will try to keep it at a more manageable size than the Photokina 2010 situation room (final edition) :)

It is quite telling that the "Zeiss plans autofocus lenses" is not filed under "rumors" or "speculation" or "wild fantasies" or "wishful thinking" :)

FORMATTING CORRECTION: The "Situation Room in a Box" at the top of the page had an unclosed CENTER tag, so you may have seen some parts of the blog-pages become centered all of a sudden. It has now been fixed! Thanks to one of our readers for the email alert. This is a Jenny from the block blog, we handwrite html with no fancy-shmancy web editors :)

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