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September 09, 2012

Opinion Soup: decentered lens AF woes, Photokina psychology, Cult of Mirrorless, etc, etc [two weeks edition]

Fall is just around the corner. The weather is getting colder. Soup is in order! Unless the temperature is 90 degrees or more - then no soup for you ;-)... This edition covers the last two weeks, so it is longer than usual... In this edition, we are experimenting with a new mini-feature, [Grumpy Photographer snarky/MST3K comments]. For newer readers and/or sensitive people, please keep in mind this blog has always been more in the spirit of the Daily-Show/Colbert-Repor(t) than anything else :)... For previous editions, check the Opinion Soup archives...

Gear (technical)
+ the effect of a decentered lens on autofocus at Lens Rentals
+ Canon illumination correction and 3rd-party lenses at Lens Rentals

Gear (general)
+ on the emotional roller coaster that is Photokina at Visual Science Lab
+ shooting a gigapixel song image at the Reading Festival at Pocket Lint
+ how much will you pay for features? at Sans Mirror
+ NEX-7 and the Cult of Mirrorless at Visual Science Lab
+ Sony is insane but in a good way by David Busch
+ Panasonic G5 with 12-35mm f2.8 OIS a Panasonic Dream Team? at Sound Image Plus (follow-up to E-M5 w/12-35 dream team post)
+ 1D X vs D-Rebel T3i/600D - which is best for you at Pixiq [Grumpy Photographer comment: I hope this is an ironic straw-man post?]
+ in 2015, your DSLR will look like an 80s brick cellphone at Photo Cine News
+ game of: which camera shot that? at Stuck in Customs (candidates: Nikon D3s, Pentax K-01, Sony NEX-7, Phase One, Olympus TG-1 and Pentax WG-2)
+ on the iPad by Ctein at TOP

+ software hasn't hurt photography - it made it better at Black Star Rising

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ why arguing about how to perceive photographs is more fun than arguing about which gear is best at Visual Science Lab
+ does a photograph have to be about something to be valid at Visual Science Lab
+ why bother? by Bill Fortney (via Revell)
+ ten things Anders Petersen can teach you about street photography at Erik Kim Photography (pictures perhaps for mature/not-very-sensitive audiences)
+ the power of negative thinking at Steve Huff Photo inspired by The Anti-Social Personality by Thorsten Overgraard [Grumpy Photographer comment: I sense a lot of negativity towards negative people ;-)]
+ it only takes one to lower the bar at Foto Councilor (via APE)
+ do you even have to own a camera to be a photographer anymore? at Thomas Hawk
+ street photography in context at Ming Thein
+ the changing face of music videos, guest post at Philip Bloom

Business, Marketing, Etc
+ Hank Willis on Truth, Lies, and Advertising at PDN Online [Grumpy Photographer comment: wait, there is truth?]
+ on pricing and negotiating at A Photo Editor
+ referral programs that work at Photopreneur
+ using email marketing to get more photography jobs at Photopreneur
+ photography jobs don't grow on trees by Steve Giralt (via APE)

DIY, Edu, Etc
+ my thought process when shooting at Ming Thein
+ the camera check, the evening before at Foto-Biz
+ commissioning a website (long post) by Photocritic at Pixiq
+ one hour documentary, "Exposures - American Photography" YouTube-embedded at John Paul Caponigro
+ making a photo ledge at PhotoJoJoJo
+ DIY turntable for videos at DIY Photography

Photographer Interviews
+ Karen Halverson at 2 Way Lens (via APE)
+ Mark Maio, ophthalmic photographer at PDN Online (the spelling will be included in the final!)
+ video discussion with Steve Johnson at John Paul Caponigro

Photo Essays
+ The Immigrants of Kuala Lumpur by Ming Thein
+ Paris by Ming Thein: part #1 and part #2 and part #3

A Day at the Improv
+ spoof video of "professional Instagram photographer" via Imaging Resource
+ why reporters shouldn't shoot at (video clip)
+ wait, isn't the phrase "A Night at the Improv"?
+ yes, but only the really funny ones perform at night
+ the rest of us, we perform during the day ;-)

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