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September 18, 2012

Now shipping: Nikon D600 body only for $2100

I guess the camera manufacturers are perhaps starting to learn by observing what Apple does. Announce a product and make it available shortly after the announcement! Whether this was planned or not, I do not know, but the good news if you are interested in the new Nikon D600 full frame DSLR is that the camera is now in-stock and shipping as follows:

+ D600 body only for $2100 at Amazon by Amazon itself
+ D600 w/24-85 for $2600 if you add the D600-body-only and the 24-85mm lens to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout through the Nikon Lens Instant Rebates. (expire Sept-29-2012)
+ D600 w/24-85 for $2700 if you buy the standard kit

If you are planning to get the Nikon D600, and need some lenses, this is a good opportunity to stock up on lenses thanks to the stackable Nikon Lens Instant Rebates. You can buy one DSLR and multiple eligible lenses in one shopping cart and get multiple discounts (one discount per individual lens model). For example, in the same shopping cart, you can get $200 off the 24-70, and $200 off the 70-200, and $100 off the 24-85, and $200 off the 70-300. Assuming of course you have the D600 body and all the aforementioned lenses in your shopping cart. In the above example, your total discount would total to $700!

For a refresher on the Nikon D600, here is the story so far:
+ D600 official announcement round-up
+ D600 The Day After the Announcement round-up
+ D600 Two Days After the Announcement

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