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September 05, 2012

Nokia confesses simulated *cough* fake *cough* OIS video with new Lumia 920

We will have a news round-up later today, but in the meantime, we have another example of overaggressive marketing kerfuffle. In their exuberance to showcase some of the features of the brand new Lumia 920 Windows 8 smartphone, Nokia published a video showcasing the optical image stabilization benefits of the Nokia Lumia 920. Except the footage was not actually recorded by the Lumia 920! In PR-speak, this was "simulated". In Jenny-from-the-Block speak, it was "fake"!

After an internet uproad, Nokia published an apology on their Conversations blog, doing as much damage control as they could. For more on this kerfuffle, and the new Nokia PureView phones, check The Verge and more via Techmeme.

This is obviously not the first time, and not the last time a PR/marketing agency/department will kerfuffle in this manner. That is one more reason to consider anything published by the manufacturer or their PR agents as technical marketing - at best - and wait for independent reviewers and power users for tests and reviews.

To make up for the simulated/fake video, Nokia published a new video on YouTube, this one they promise that it was recorded with a prototype Lumia 920.

BLOG-CORRECTION: The simulated/fake video was that of a girl on a bicycle and has been saved at The Verge (also Verge-embedded below). The newly published Nokia video taken with a prototype Lumia 920 is a waterfront panning video (also YouTube-embedded below). Thanks to one of readers for the alert in the comments!

The Simulated/Fake Video

Shot with prototype Lumia 920 (per Nokia)

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