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September 08, 2012

Nokia confesses again, The Verge posts full-size Lumia 920 vs iPhone vs One X vs S III samples

If you are w[o/a]ndering why the marketing, public relations and advertising types are often hated with a passion among photographers, engineers and the like, you have a great example unfolding in front us. The Nokia Lumia 920 "sample pictures" debacle.

Let's do a quick recap first, before the latest updates. First up, Nokia marketing was caught passing a "simulated/fake" OIS video as an actual Lumia 920 sample OIS video. They confessed. After that, more and more people started digging through the other Nokia samples. And they discovered that some of the stills were also "simulated/fake", they were in-fact extracted from the aforementioned video. Again, Nokia confesses, this time in the comments at The Verge.

So after all that, The Verge and Nokia agreed to meet at Central Park in New York. No, they did not challenge them to a duel ;-) They met so that The Verge would take real real-world sample pictures with the Lumia 920 and other competing smartphones, so the world can compare the actual imaging capabilities. So, here we go, these are real world samples shot by The Verge. The comparisons also include the Apple iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III. The full-size JPEGs are available at The Verge, so you can pixel-peep them to your satisfaction. For more, check the 780+ comments at the aforelinked Verge post.

Again, I should stress, this is all on the marketing, PR, and advertising types! It is really sad that hundreds of hard-working optical engineers, photographers, designers and other assorted engineers and technicians at Nokia spent countless hours developing these, only to have their work ruined by clueless marketing/PR/advertising e-diots.

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