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September 11, 2012

New Sony Gear recap: 3 full-frame cameras, 2 APS-C cameras, 5 lenses, 2 flashes

Sony delivered the world of photography a Big Bang of sorts today, with a record-breaking three 35mm full frame digital cameras, two APS-C cameras, five lenses, two flashes, and a few other assorted items. This post recaps them if you don't want to brave the sprawling sea of posts below...

+ Sony RX1: 35mm full frame fixed lens camera with Zeiss 35mm f2 prime lens glued-in for $2800 [corrected link]
+ Sony Alpha A99: 35mm full frame pellicle mirror SLT DSLR also for $2800
+ NEX-VG900: 35mm full frame NEX e-mount (!) camcorder with 24mp sensor as well going for $3300
+ Sony NEX-6: 16mp APS-C mirrorless with Wifi for $850 body or $1000 with new 16-50mm powerzoom lens
+ NEX-VG30: new 16mp APS-C NEX camcorder for $1800
+ Alpha 300mm f2.8G II SSM SLR lens for 7700 euro
+ three NEX e-mount lenses for stills: 35mm f1.8 prime, 10-18mm f4 and 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 power zoom
+ previously mentioned 18-200mm NEX e-mount zoom lens
+ two flashes, the HVL-F60M and HVL-RL1 (ring light)
+ available for pre-order at Amazon
+ PS: all apologies for the HTML formatting problems earlier on - another side-effect of a big announcement chaos and disorder
+ PS2: for bonus excitement, the Apple announcement is on Wednesday at 1pm New York City time - metafollow the action live at Live.Twit.TV

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