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September 12, 2012

New not-cameras cameras: iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5

In a highly anticipated and highly publicized event, Apple revealed today two new not-cameras cameras, the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5. They feature 8mp and 5mp backlit CMOS sensors respectively with f2.4 lenses with five elements, hybrid IR filter, LED flash, autofocus, etc.

You can check the waves and waves of reports at The Verge and The Engadget and more than you can possibly want to consume via Techmeme.

You can also relive the excitement play-by-play by reading the live-blog bottom-up at The Verge or by watching the meta-video-coverage, MST3K-style, at (two hours long; Tim Cook puppet included!).

Some argue, including Leo Laporte during the live meta-cast at, that if only they put the 8mp camera-module in the iPod Touch (5th generation), it could/would/should have made an interesting P&S digital camera. This new iPod Touch shares a lot of features with the iPhone 5 and has the A5 processor of the previous iPad.

Grumpy Photographer segment
A great example of the cunning of Apple marketing, they prominently mentioned "Sapphire crystal", simply because it sounds very cool and will elicit "awes" from the unwashed masses. It doesn't matter what it does, it's sapphire and it's a crystal! Must have it nao!!!

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