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September 06, 2012

New Kindle Fire HD with 1920x1200 IPS and new e-ink ereaders

If you are a fan of reading on e-Ink Amazon Kindle e-reader devices, this main blog is available as a Kindle Blog subscription for 99-cent per month after a 14-day free trial. This only works on the Kindle e-ink devices. It does not work on the color Kindle Fire devices.

With that as a preface + hook, Amazon today announced a number of new e-ink e-book readers and color 7-inch and 8.9-inch tablets. Of photography-showcase interest, the flagship Kindle Fire HD models feature a 1920x1200 display with 256dpi. You can relive the live blog of the presentation at The Verge.

Color, Color, Color
From a photographer/imaging/slide-show perspective, the star of the new wave is the 8.9" 16GB Kindle Fire HD with a very reasonable price of $300. A touchscreen screen resolution of 1920x1200 and 254ppi with IPS (in-plane switching) and reduced screen glare sounds like a plus - pending reviews as always. On the productivity side, it includes free Skype video calls. However, if you hatorade advertising with a passion, these include sponsored screensavers on the lock screen, and special offers on the lower left corner of the home screen. Just like the previous Kindle e-readers, the ads do not interfere with the content (apps, movies, videos, etc). This perhaps partially explains the competitive pricing. This is estimated to ship November 20, 2012.

If you are a die-hard fan of 4G LTE, they have a 4G LTE version of the 8.9" Fire HD for $500, with an annual data plan of $50 per year [not month] that includes 250MB of data per month. The annual plan price is low (and includes extras), but what's the point of 4G LTE if you only get 250MB per month? Email and Twitter emergencies? This has Special Offers as well.

On the 7-inch front, the new 16GB Kindle Fire HD goes for $200 with a 1280x800 IPS touchscreen display with polarizing filter and anti-glare technology. This also includes special offers and sponsored screensavers. The 32GB model goes for $250. They ship September 14.

Also at 7-inches, the original Kindle Fire has a refreshed 2012 version with double the RAM and longer battery life for $160 with Special Offers as well. They ship September 14.

e-Ink readers
If you are big fan of e-reading with built-into-the-device lightning, the new Kindle Paperwhite with Wifi and touchscreen goes for $120 with Special Offers and $140 without Special Offers. This ships October 1st.

If you prefer to drink free 3G global data (for Amazon content), the Kindle Paperwhite 3G with Wifi and 3G and touchscreen goes for $180 with Special Offers and $200 without Special Offers. This ships October 1st.

On the affordable front, they have an upgraded but cheaper version of the entry-level Kindle for $70 with Special Offers and $90 without Special Offers. This has Wifi and Buttons. No touch-screen, no 3G. This is in-stock and shipping right now!

Mini e-fundraiser
If you are interested in the above Kindles and find this blog useful/helpful/interesting/etc, a great way to help support us financially is to place your pre-orders through the above Amazon affiliate links pointing to the new Kindles. We receive a small percentage of the purchase price as an advertising fee when you buy through the above links. Since Amazon does not participate in loyalty programs, even hard-core bargain-hunters can do this without missing out on cashback :)

Considering the high volume of updates and information, we only have a small number of traditional ads. Your purchases are the main source of funding of this blog, and the only thing that keeps it alive and kicking. So a big past, present, and future Thank You is in order!

Tote bags not included :)

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