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September 25, 2012

New Blog Updates Coming on Thursday (Photokina detox in progress)

Photokina 2012 was wildly exciting, and one side-effect of the non-stop excitement is that it kicked our noisy behinds, giving us a gift in the form of a stubborn burnout. The more efficient way to deal with stubborn burnouts is to take a break, so we are taking a break until Thursday September 27, 2012. Trying to slugfest through a burnout is not very productive and it significantly increases the number of typos/errors/confusions/etc.

Starting on Thursday, the plan is:
+ catch up with what happened in the meantime
+ deal with the sprawling Photokina Skybox at the top of the page
+ launch new stock status pages for the Photokina cameras (vote in Feedback Poll if you have preferences)
+ plan the October 2012 Quirky Contests
+ and all the other usual stuff

Slightly Mildly Exciting Developments Potentially Mayhaps
We also have some mildly exciting developments that are in play at the moment. No final decision has been made, but we are leaning in that direction, that's why we are mentioning them:

+ removal of automated ad-network banner-ads from the sidebar of the main blog (this one, the
+ the sub-domain blogs (Lens Reviews, Camera Deals, Camera Reviews, Stock Status Pages, etc) will be evaluated later-on on an individual basis
+ return of a full-text RSS feed for the main blog
+ the above will be in-conjunction with new experiments for indirect reader funding (affiliate programs, etc) to compensate for the negative financial impact of the above two steps

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