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September 27, 2012

Move over Auto Mode, here comes the Autographer!

Serious, professional and enthusiastic photographers often like to tweak every camera and exposure setting possible. But it's a different story with the mythical average consumer. For them, the auto mode (and its various euphemisms, such as "Intelligent Auto"), are their comfort level. Just press the shutter button and let the camera do the rest. But this too is stressful for the mythical average consumer. You have to decide when to take a picture and when not to take a picture. And how many pictures?

This is clearly a problem waiting for a solution! To the rescue, the knight in shining armo(u)r is OMG (Oxford Metrics Group) with the new Autographer! As the name suggests, this is an automated wearable camera + photographer!

It has a 5-megapixel sensor with 8GB of on-board memory. A fixed lens is installed capturing 136-degrees of light. It has an OLED monitor for status updates and can be connected to smartphones and other external devices via Bluetooth and mobile apps. The user has some control over its "decider" parameters.

It has enough juice to capture a day's worth of pictures per the specs. Its starting price, with a November estimate release, is for the boldly-going early-adopters, it will be 400 GBP or $650 USD.

What perhaps sets this apart from many other automated cameras is that it tries to use environmental data to decide when is best to take pictures using its embedded sensors (light/color, IR/motion-detector, acceleration, temperature (actual temperature), magnetism, GPS).

Details at Pocket Lint and dpreview and Gizmodo and Pop Photo and Creative Pro and ePhotozine et al.

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