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September 19, 2012

Lenses Trade Show Floor round-up: Zeiss, Samyang, Voigtlander, Schneider, Tamron, Sigma

And now we have a catch-all round-up, we feature the various lens manufacturers, some of which generated a lot of excitement (see new lens announcements)... Earlier on we posted the Sony and Leica round-up and the Olympus round-up and the Samsung round-up and the Nikon round-up and the Panasonic round-up and the Fuji round-up and the Pentax round-up and the Canon round-up...

Zeiss, Carl
+ booth visit by dpreview
+ various at Photography Blog

Samyang, Tom
+ 10mm f2.8 hands on at Photography Blog

Voigtlander, Petyr
+ 17.5mm f0.95 Nokton trade show floor JPEG samples at ePhotozine
+ 25mm f0.95 Nokton trade show floor JPEG samples at ePhotozine

Schneider-Kreuznach, Eloise
+ 25 booth pictures at Photography Blog
+ new lens family photos at

Tamron, Rodolfo
+ 90mm f2.8 Di VC USD macro four full size real world JPEG samples at Pop Photo (click on gallery, look for full-size download link on right side of gallery pages)
+ new 70-200 and 90 f2.8 VC hands on at Photography Blog
+ 70-200 f2.8 VC hands on at ePhotozine

Sigma, Art
+ 35mm f1.4 first lQQk at What Digital Camera?
+ various by Pop Photo
+ the three new ones at Photography Blog
+ booth visit at DC Watch Impress
+ video booth visit at Digital Camera Info

Are These Lenses?
+ Lensbaby Spark hands on at Photography Blog

What's with the names?
Since Zeiss has a first-name and last-name, we didn't want the other lens manufacturers to feel left out, so we gave them first names that match their last names :-)

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