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September 03, 2012

Latest camera and lens reviews added to review streams [updated]

UPDATE (Tue Sept-4-2012)
We added the latest late Monday and Tuesday reviews to the lens and camera review streams. New Cameraholic Digest episodes are coming later today (other things equal). We probably have to split them by subject in order to keep them at a readable/manageable size.

We finally caught up and updated the latest reviews of camera lenses and non-boring digital cameras.

Until we finalize the templates of those pages and produce a tutorial on how to make the most of them, here are some tips...

At the Lens Reviews stream, you can use the left sidebar to filter by Manufacturer, or by Mount, or by Sensor Size or by Lens Type or by month. Using the right sidebar there, towards the bottom, you can see all available categories. Unfortunately we ran into a hard limit, there is a maximum of 300 categories, so newer lenses don't have their own categories. This requires an infrastructure update to be solved, that's why it is taking forever - because the gear action never stops!

At the Camera Reviews stream, you can use the black menu bar at the top of the page to filter by Camera Type (DSLR, Mirrorless, Medium Format, etc) or by Manufacturer (Canon, Nikon, etc) or by Lens Mount (for interchangeable lens cameras) [such as Canon EOS, M43rds, etc] or by Sensor Size (APS-C, 1/1.x", etc). For different type of filtering, you can use the right sidebar there to filter by month, by blog Category, and using the Tag Cloud. One of the future updates there is to include a list of all the cameras covered. The earlier this can happen is probably after Photokina 2012.

Another helpful feature at the Camera Reviews stream are the individual Categories and Tags below each individual review alert. They look like this: "Posted in canon, DSLR | Tagged APS-C sensor, apuk, canon digital rebel t4i (650D), canon mount". Each one of the above Categories and Tags are links that take you to previous posts of the same type. For example, by clicking on the "APS-C sensor", you will see reviews of cameras that have APS-C sensors. By clicking on "canon mount", you will see reviews of Canon-mount cameras. By cliking on the "canon digital rebel t4i (650D)" you will see more reviews of the T4i/650D. The Categories and Tags are automatically sorted alphabetically in their sub-grouping.

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