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September 13, 2012

Impact review: Sony Alpha A57 at dpreview

Now time for a break from the world of the new Photokina 2012 cameras (chimeras for some) with a look at cameras you ca take pictures with right now! has published a 20-page review on the Sony Alpha A57 pellcile-mirror SLT-DSLR. As usual, we won't reveal their findings here, but if you are curious or running out of battery, you can jump to the conclusions before jumping to conclusions.

The Alpha A57 represents, in some ways, a new generation of interchangeable cameras, which, while not entry-level, they are not "hot enough" to garner a lot of attention and interest from early-adopters/enthusiasts/advanced/internet-influencer type of photographers.

This was just posted, so discussions of the review are starting to spring up in the dpreview Sony SLR forum and also in the comments section of the dpreview review alert. You don't have to be a seer and oracle to guess that the "Medal rating" of the camera will generate debates :)

For more opinions on the Alpha A57, check its list of completed reviews (12 as of the time of writing).

Availability-wise, the Alpha A57 body is in-stock for $600, and the A57 w/18-55 for $700 at authorized Sony retailers including Amazon. A reminder (for the 999th time) when shopping at Amazon, be sure to check who the actual seller is! Amazon has an open marketplace with a variety of third-party sellers there. Some 3rd-party sellers are well-known and vetted, others, not so much.

With the Photokina madness all around us, there are not that many reviews, but it is not totally quiet either! You can check the latest reviews at the two dedicated review streams for digital cameras and lenses.

PS: The Blog is loading again normally. There was roughly a 15-minute window of slow-loading or no-loading at all. It was one of those random self-correcting TypePad hickups.

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