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September 18, 2012

Hasselblad working on luxury mirrorless camera using the Sony NEX e-mount

Remember the teaser for a September 18 Hasselblad announcement? It has arrived and it is quite a new development! They have announced that are developing a new 24-megapixel luxury mirrorless camera by the name of Lunar. The camera will have the Sony NEX E-mount and will share some body parts with the current NEX flagship, the NEX-7. The new Hasselblad model however will be a luxury camera, and will be priced at $6500 or 5500 euro depending on region.

Hands-on with the new Hasselblad Lunar at CNet at Photokina and Photography Blog and Pocket Lint.

Press release parade at dpreview and Photography Blog and Hasselblad.

Reactions to the announcement in the comments section of the dpreview announcement. I am also getting emails about its ugliness and monstrocity ;-)

Before this announcement, Hasselblad announced last week (seven days ago) a new Hasselblad H5D proper medium format camera. Perhaps they are trying to take a page from the Leica playbook and use their brand name recognition to expand in other segments of the photography market. Partnership with mass market manufacturers is typically a faster and less painful route than developing everything from scratch. You can see all the Photokina-related announcements at the giant "sky box" at the top of every main blog page.

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