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September 19, 2012

Hasselblad Trade Show Floor round-up: H5D, Lunar, Sony relationship, and Lunar controversy (price, ugliness)

And now it is time to round up Hasselblad, a company that managed to get more of the spotlight than they usually do thanks to their new luxury mirrorless Lunar camera and their new long term co-operation agreement with Sony... Earlier on we posted the Lens Manufacturers round-up and the Sony round-up and the Leica round-up and the Olympus round-up and the Samsung round-up and the Nikon round-up and the Panasonic round-up and the Fuji round-up and the Pentax round-up and the Canon round-up...

Hasselblad Lunar Ugly-Duckling/Overpriced Kerfuffle
+ two Hasselblad dudes explain + defend their Lunar camera/chimera in text-based interview with Oliver Laurent at British Journal of Photography [MUST READ!]
+ parts from Japan and Italy but "constructed" in Sweden they told Amateur Photographer UK
+ over 200 comments in the dpreview front page post
+ Lunar design team poses for cameras at PDN Pulse
+ opinion at Pekka Potka [corrected links]
+ opinion at Visual Science Lab
+ opinion at PhotoXels
+ instant reaction during reveal at press conference by @popphoto
+ new internet meme: make your own Hasselblad "design", starting with the Lens Rentals Looney

Noisy Opinion
+ obviously Hasselblad needs to learn from Leica + Apple on how to sell at an insanely high profit margin and make buyers feel as if they got a great value in return
+ the iPhone 5 materials are $200~, yet it sells for $650; jump from 16GB to 64GB, and pay $200 more, when a 32GB Class 10 memory card goes for $20 - watch and learn Hasselblad
+ the Leica versions of the Panasonics often sell 2x to 3x the price of the Panasonics
+ but as the ad/marketing cynics say, all publicity is good publicity - everyone is talking about Hasselblad now, when before, no one cared

Hasselblad Lunar Hands-On/Previews
+ hands on at Pocket Lint
+ hands on at Pop Photo
+ lots of body pictures at Photography Blog
+ preview by Pekka Potka [corrected links]

Hasselblad - Sony Relationship
+ coverage at CNet at Photokina - talks of mid-2013 Alpha DSLR and compact-camera within a year (from now) [MUST READ!]
+ diagram/outline of potential Sony relationship DSLR at Optyczone (it's much faster to type "zone" than "zne")

Hasselblad H5D Medium Format
+ hands on with video at Engadget
+ hands on at Photography Blog

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