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September 18, 2012

Fuji Trade Show Floor round-up: X-E1 and X-F1 (also: X-Pro1 firmware released)

And now it is time to look at some of the latest Photokina 2012 trade show floor updates on Fuji aka Fujifilm but don't call them Fujitsu... Earlier on we posted the Pentax round-up and the Canon round-up...

Fuji X-E1
+ hands-on and trade show food JPEG samples at
+ X-E1 real-world JPEG trade show samples at Optycz Zone
+ hands-on with X-E1 and two new primes at Photography Blog
+ hands-on at Pocket Lint
+ hands-on with video at Engadget
+ hands-on at ephotozine
+ X-E1 with XF lenses and Leica 90/2 by Fuji's own Brandon Remler (lots of web size samples; not at Photokina)
+ X-E1 refresher: announcement round-up
+ X-E1 and new primes available for pre-order

Fuji X-F1
+ X-F1 real-world trade-show JPEG samples at Optyc Zone
+ collect them all: 17 different colorful X-F1 bodies at Optyczone
+ hands-on with video at Engadget
+ short video showing the lens activation mechanism at Focus Numerique
+ hands-on at Photography Blog (red body)
+ hands-on at Pocket Lint (orange body)
+ hands-on at ephotozine (red body)
+ hands-on at CNet Asia
+ X-F1 refresher: announcement round-up
+ X-F1 available for pre-order for $500 (three color choices)

Fuji Firmware updates (X-Pro1 and F-compact-zooms)
+ the promised firmware update 2.0 is now available via Digital Outback and TPBG and Huff and SKF and Fuji Global and @FujiGuys et al
+ F660, F750, F770 and F880 get new firmware via @FujiGuys

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