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September 08, 2012

DxoMark returns with Sony RX100 test results

DxoMark is back after a one month quiet period with their Sony RX100 test results along with their analysis of their findings.

As usual, you can compare the new RX100 findings with any other camera in the DXoMaRk database. Here are some to get you started in this pixel-geeking adventure. For more detailed comparisons, click on the "Measurements" tab at the Dxomark comparison pages below (Flash-based):

RX100 vs Fixed Lens Cameras
+ RX100 vs Canon G1x - vs the larger 1.5" sensor of the G1x
+ RX100 vs Sigma 1.7x or APS-C DP-series: not measured yet
+ RX100 vs Fuji X100 - vs APS-C primes
+ RX100 vs Leica X-series: X-series not measured yet
+ RX100 vs Fuji X-S1 vs Fuji X10 - vs 2/3" sensors
+ RX100 vs Canon S100 vs G12 - vs Canon 1/1.x" compacts with RAW
+ RX100 vs Panasonic LX5 vs LX3 - vs Panasonic 1/1.x" compacts with RAW (LX7 not measured yet)
+ RX100 vs Nikon P7100 vs Olympus XZ-1 - vs more 1/1.x" compacts with RAW (P7700 not measured yet)
+ RX100 vs Samsung EX1 - vs even more 1/1.x" compacts with RAW (EX2 not measured yet)
+ RX100 vs Hello Kitty 3000 vs Vivitar XYZ 5350 (not measured yet)

RX100 vs Interchangeable Lens Cameras
+ RX100 vs Nikon V1 vs J1 - similar size sensors
+ RX100 vs Olympus E-P3 vs E-PL3 - vs latest E-Pens (E-M5 not measured yet)
+ RX100 vs Panasonic GX1 vs GH2 (newer Panasonic models not measured yet)
+ RX100 vs Sony NEX-7 vs NEX-5n - vs APS-C Nexxies

As always, please keep in mind that DxoMark is a specific test suite, it is not intended to be an end-to-end camera and camera system comparison. Unless all the pictures you take are exactly the same as the Dxomark test labs set-up :)

For more opinions on the RX100, check its list of completed reviews.

Availability-wise, the camera is in-stock at multiple authorized dealers at its starting price of $650. You can also see the stock status page embedded right below (Javascript):

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