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September 24, 2012

Dxomark delivers their Olympus E-M5 Test Results (long list of comparisons)

The Doctors of Pixel-Peeping are back with a new round of test results. It is the Olympus E-M5, the most advanced of the Olympus M43rds digital cameras at the moment. Without further ado, here are the DXoMark measurements (click on the Measurements tab for the detailed data) along with Dxomark's own comparisons and analysis.

As usual, we point to a variety of comparisons here for your pixel-geeking pleasure. To help make them more readable, we break them down in sub-sections... Please note a number of recently announced and recently released cameras have not been measured by Dxomark yet, so there are no comparisons for them as of the time of writing. We include "ghost/future comparisons" if you want to DIY those at a later date...

Olympus E-M5 vs Other Micro Four Thirds Cameras
+ E-M5 vs E-P3 vs E-P2: vs previous E-Pen leaders
+ E-M5 vs E-PL3 vs E-PM1: vs recent E-Pen models
+ E-M5 vs E-PL5 vs E-PM2 (future comparison)
+ E-M5 vs E-5 DSLR vs E-3 DSLR: vs previous E-DSLR leaders
+ E-M5 vs Panasonic GH2 vs GH1: vs Panasonic GH-series
+ E-M5 vs Panasonic GH3 (future comparison)
+ E-M5 vs Panasonic GX1 vs GF1: vs GF1 and partial-replacement
+ E-M5 vs Panasonic GF5 vs G5: vs recent G-models

Olympus E-M5 vs Other Mirrorless Cameras
+ E-M5 vs Sony NEX-7 vs NEX-5n: vs NEXxies
+ E-M5 vs Sony NEX-6 vs NEX-5R vs NEX-F3 (future comparison)
+ E-M5 vs Samsung NX11 vs NX10: vs Samsung NX
+ E-M5 vs Samsung NX20 vs NX210 vs NX1000 (future comparison)
+ E-M5 vs Leica M9 vs M8: vs Leica M-rangefinders
+ E-M5 vs Pentax K-01 vs Pentax Q - vs Pentax K and Q mirrorless systems
+ E-M5 vs Ricoh GXR (future comparison)
+ E-M5 vs Canon EOS-m (future comparison)
+ E-M5 vs Nikon J1 vs V1: vs Nikon's CX 1-System

Olympus E-M5 vs Fixed Lens Cameras (FLC)
+ E-M5 vs Fuji X100: vs APS-C primes
+ E-M5 vs Sony RX1 vs Leica X2 vs X1 vs Sigma DP-series (future comparisons)
+ E-M5 vs Canon G1x: vs larger-size sensor FLC with zoom
+ E-M5 vs Sony RX100 vs Fuji X10: vs smaller sensor compacts
+ E-M5 vs Canon G12 vs Panasonic LX5: vs 1/1.x" compacts with RAW

Olympus E-M5 vs DSLRs
+ E-M5 vs Nikon D7000 vs D90: vs two successful Nikon APS-C dSLRs
+ E-M5 vs Nikon D3200 vs D5100: vs lower-priced Nikon DSLRs
+ E-M5 vs Canon 7D vs 60D: vs Canon APS-C leaders
+ E-M5 vs Canon D-Rebel T3i/600D vs T2i/550D: vs previous D-Rebel leaders
+ E-M5 vs Pentax K-5 vs K-30: vs K-mount DSLRs
+ E-M5 vs Sony A77 vs A65: vs pellicle-mirrors
+ E-M5 vs Sony A57 vs A55: vs lower-priced pellicle-mirrors
+ E-M5 vs Sigma SD-series (future comparison)

Coming Up
+ E-M5 vs Hello Kitty
+ E-M5 vs Hubble Telescope
+ E-M5 vs iPhone 6

The usual caveats apply when looking at the DxoMark test results! The findings are limited in scope by the limitations of what is tested. Dxomark is not intended to be an end-to-end camera system evaluation. Unless most of your pictures are exactly the same as the ones Dxomark takes (very unlikely).

For more on the Olympus E-M5, check its list of completed reviews.

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