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September 06, 2012

Did Nokia include simulated/fake stills for the Lumia 920? [investigation in progress]

After yesterday's Lumia 920 simulated/fake video kerfuffle, a number of people are checking the rest of the Nokia material. Now people are suspecting that some of the stills presented as taken with the Lumia 920 might also be of the simulated/fake variety. This is a developing in-progress crowd-sourced investigation situation.

Here is the case so far: dissects the pictures and the light at that particular intersection, and someone at Hacker News shows a professional lighting set-up during the photoshoot. (via NeoWin and The Verge).

So this may be more of a shades of gray type of a situation:

1) how many people taking pictures with a smartphone are also going to carry a professional lightning set-up?

2) after the video kerfuffle, the door is opened for reasonable minds to also question the pictures presented as taken with the Lumia 920 - were they also simulated/faked?

It is important to note that the ire of this is definitely not against the hard-working engineers, photographers, lens engineers and designers at Nokia. This is the responsibility of the marketing and PR and advertising types!

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